Big Eater Mike Takes Rooster's Stupid Burger Challenge
Monday, December 3, 2018 at 8:29PM
Jim Albritton in Fondren, Mississippi, Restaurant, Rooster's, Rooster's

For Big Eater Mike, the Stupid Burger Challenge at Rooster's in Jackson, Mississippi's Fondren neighborhood is made to order. The super sized meal includes Rooster's signature burger, two orders of fires and a banana pudding chaser. It costs $50 to enter and requires a 24-hour notice. If the entire five pound meal--burger and fries--is eaten in 30 minutes without a break, it's free and the challenger receives a $50 gift card. Call Rooster's at 601-982-2001 for more information or to set up the challenge. The massive five pound burger is also great for parties.

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