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i-Limb Bionic Hand is a Game Changer for Amputees 

Produced by Jim Albritton | The i-Limb Ultra Revolution, a bionic hand, is a game changer for patients at Methodist Orthotics and Prosthetics.


Mississippi State Football Team Visits Batson Children's Hospital 

Produced by Jim Albritton | Coach Dan Mullen, his wife Megan, and the Mississippi State University football team visit Batson Children's Hospital.


Miss Mississippi 2014 Jasmine Murray Visits Batson Children's Hospital 

Produced by Jim Albritton | Jasmine Murray visited sick and injured kids at the state's only children's hospital just days after being crowned Miss Mississippi 2014. It was her first official appearance, but not her first time at Batson Children's Hospital.


The Story | Methodist Orthotics & Prosthetics Team Scores Big at Endeavor Games 

Produced by Jim Albritton | Five Methodist Orthotics & Prosthetics athletes scored big at the 2014 Endeavor Games at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. The team set records and brought home medals in running, powerlifting, discus, javelin, swimming, archery, table tennis and sitting volleyball.  


The Music Video | Methodist Orthotics & Prosthetics | Three Minutes @ Endeavor 

Produced by Jim Albritton | Athletes on the Methodist Orthotics & Prosthetics team won big at the 2014 Endeavor Games at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. |


Back to the Beach | Planet of the Apes

Produced by Jim Albritton | There are all kinds of pilgrimages. For me, it was the Malibu beach where the ending of the original 1968 Planet of the Apes was shot.


10 Cool Mississippi Events That Shouldn't Be Missed

Here are 10 Mississippi events that shouldn’t be missed (in no particular order). Of course, there are a lot more than 10. Give us time, we’ll get to all of them.


Palliative Care Program Offers Patients Hope, Meaning and Legacy 

Produced by Jim Albritton | Dr. Rick Boyte, chief of pediatric palliative care at Batson Children's Hospital talks about a program that offers patients hope, meaning and a Legacy. 


Wall of Heroes Honors Pediatric Organ Donors at Batson Children's Hospital 

Produced by Jim Albritton | The newly dedicated "Wall of Heroes" honors children who have become organ donors at Batson Children's Hospital at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. 


Myrlie Evers-Williams Lends Name to UMMC Institute Bolstering Health Equality

Produced by Jim Albritton | Fifty-one years after the assassination of her husband—civil rights leader Medgar Evers, Myrlie Evers-Williams is back home, in Mississippi, continuing her life’s work as advocate for equality by lending her name to a University of Mississippi Medical Center institute focused on improving the lives of Mississippians who have limited access to health care. 


Photos | 2014 UCO Endeavor Games 

The 2014 Endeavor Games at the University of Central Oklahoma is an nationally recognized multi-sport competition for athletes with physical disabilities. The 15th annual event was held in Edmond. Click here to see our photos of the 2014 Endeavor Games and click here to see all our photo albums.



Photos | Oklahoma City National Memorial

Our photos of the Oklahoma City National Memorial are grouped in sections, focusing on the various symbolic areas of the memorial. 

Photos of the Gates of Time | Photos of the Survivor Tree 

Photos of the Memorial Museum | Photos of the Fence 

And click here to see all our other photo albums.


Mothers' Milk Bank of Mississippi Opens in Flowood 

Produced by Jim Albritton | A ribbon cutting ceremony in Flowood marked the opening of the Mothers' Milk Bank of Mississippi which will provide donated milk to premature infants in the state's newborn intensive care units.  


2014 Madison County Chamber Dragon Boat Regatta

Produced by Jim Albritton | Fifty-one teams competed in the 2014 Dragon Boat Regatta at the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Ridgeland, Mississippi. The event, sponsored by the Madison County Chamber of Commerce, brings together businesses, nonprofits and other groups for a day-long competition that benefits MadCAAP. |


Life Lesson | Harrison Miley's Battle with Bone Cancer 

Produced by Jim Albritton | Harrison Miley's battle with osteosarcoma, a cancerous bone tumor that usually develops in teenagers, has left the 17-year-old from Brandon, Mississippi with a message and a mission.