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UMMC, Health Department and Other Mississippi Agencies Respond to the 2011 Flood

Produced by Jim Albritton | Multiple Mississippi state agencies set up a base camp in Yazoo City to respond to flooding caused by the Mississippi River and its tributaries including the Yazoo River. Working together, agencies used the flood as a backdrop for training exercises. The State Medical Assistance Team (SMAT) set up Mississippi MED-1, a field hospital. SMAT is a joint operation of the University of Mississippi Medical Center and the Mississippi State Department of Health.


AirCare at 15 | New Helicopter Marks Milestone Anniversary | The Story 

Produced by Jim Albritton | AirCare, the air ambulance service at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, marks its 15th anniversary with a new replacement helicopter that is roomier, faster and can transport a larger crew and two patients instead of one. The crew and hospital staff gathered atop the Wallace Conerly Hospital for Critical Care for tours of the new chopper which is based at UMMC in Jackson. A second AirCare helicopter is based in Meridian. For more information about AirCare and the state's only level one trauma center, go to http://umc.edu.



Sydney Gholar | Wilms' Tumor Survivor 

Produced by Jim Albritton | A not-so-typical day at St. Richard's Elementary School in Jackson, Mississippi highlights the life of Sydney Gholar, a young cancer survivor, who thrives in school after a fight with Wilms' tumor. Her mother, Victoria, a nurse recruiter for University of Mississippi Health Care, first spotted signs of illness. For more information, go to http://childrenshospital.umc.edu.


Newsocracy RAW | Mississippi Nat'l Guard | BP Oil Spill Scenes 

Produced by Jim Albritton | This 90 second video features 28 scenes of the Mississippi National Guard as they direct and coordinate oil spill clean up efforts on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


UMMC Response to Massive Mississippi Tornado | Mississippi Med-Com 

Produced by Jim Albritton | A massive and deadly tornado devastated Yazoo City and ripped across Mississippi on Saturday, April 24, 2010. This video focuses on the University of Mississippi Medical Center's role in transporting, treating and coordinating patient care during the crisis through Mississippi Med-Com. By the time the crisis had ended, Med-Com coordinated the transportation of 61 patients from storm-damaged counties to hospitals in Jackson, Memphis and Tupelo. Thirty-eight of those were sent to UMC by ambulance, helicopter and converted school buses. This video--produced on the day of the storm--mentions the 27 patients who had arrived at UMMC by 11 p.m.