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Retired NFL Players Visit Batson Children's Hospital Patients

Produced by Jim Albritton | Members of Mississippi NFL Retired Players Chapter visit the state's only children's hospital, passing out autographed footballs while thrilling patients, parents and staff alike.


Revived Heart Transplant Program at Batson Children’s Hospital Builds on a 20-Year Legacy 

Produced by Jim Albritton | KJ Page is the fourth child since September 2011 to receive a heart transplant at Batson Children’s Hospital. The revived program builds on a 20-year legacy that began in 1992 when a Rankin County five-year-old became the first child in Mississippi to undergo the then groundbreaking surgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. 


Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning Visits Batson Children's Hospital | April 2012 

Produced by Jim Albritton | New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning visited sick and injured kids at Batson Children's Hospital in April 2012. The two-time Super Bowl MVP is no stranger to Mississippi's only children's hospital. It's home to the Eli Manning Children's Clinics.


Eli Manning Visits the Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children

Produced by Jim Albritton | New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning visited patients at the Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children. Mississippi's only children's hospital is home to the Eli Manning Children's Clinics. For more information, go to http://childrenshospital.umc.edu or http://foch.org.


Sydney Gholar | Wilms' Tumor Survivor 

Produced by Jim Albritton | A not-so-typical day at St. Richard's Elementary School in Jackson, Mississippi highlights the life of Sydney Gholar, a young cancer survivor, who thrives in school after a fight with Wilms' tumor. Her mother, Victoria, a nurse recruiter for University of Mississippi Health Care, first spotted signs of illness. For more information, go to http://childrenshospital.umc.edu.