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Photos of the Biloxi Lighthouse at Sunset

Go to our Facebook Photo Gallery to see our Biloxi Lighthouse sunset photos from Biloxi, Mississippi. And click here to see all our photo albums, including our almost nightly Ross Barnett Reservoir sunset photos. 


Ross Barnett Reservoir Sunset from Goshen Springs and Fannin Landing 

See our sunset photos in our Facebook Photo Gallery. These Newsocracy.TV photos are of sunset at the Ross Barnett Reservoir from the "Linda Lou Lake" area near Goshen Springs, Mississippi and Fannin Landing in Brandon, Mississippi on September 10, 2012. 

Click here to see all our sunset photo albums on Facebook. 

Sunset on the Ross Barnett Reservoir near Goshen Springs, Mississippi.




Super Moon 2012 | The Video

Produced by Jim Albritton | A look at super Moon as it rises over the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Brandon, Mississippi. Not to be outdone, the sunset was super, too. 


'Here Comes the Sun' on the Ross Barnett Reservoir

Produced by Jim Albritton | From the Newsocracy Archives, sunset and sunrise photos of the the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Brandon, Mississippi set to the Beatles classic, "Here Comes the Sun."